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Electric Mountain Bikes | Tackle Any Trail

The Journey Is the Reward

Up your mountain biking game and climb to new heights on an e-MTB. Pedal-assist motors and optimized body geometry make electric mountain bikes the ideal way to enjoy the climb while still conquering new terrain. Suit up with a quality helmet, sturdy apparel, and tough cycling shoes, and you’ll be ready to make every ride a new record.

Electric mountain bike in a beautiful woodland setting

Bikes are Better Than Ever

Visit us to check out the latest cycling technology and our selection of electric bikes. Electric bikes provide an extra boost while you pedal to make hills and long distances a little easier. You’ll have more fun than ever cruising around the neighborhood or exploring new trails.

  • Ride faster with less effort
  • Climb hills with ease
  • Leave your car at home
  • Commute without breaking a sweat
  • Quick trips by bike are easier
  • Keep up with friends
  • Find new adventures
  • Rediscover the joy of cycling
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Still Not Sure?

We have partnered with The Dirt Disco to offer an E-MTB test ride! 

The Trek Fuel Exe and Santa Cruz Heckler SL are two of the hottest E-MTB rigs right now! 

Let's go! 

Email now to schedule your FREE 1 hours test ride at the Dirt Disco

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