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Who keeps our shop "Truckin'"?

Great Question. Let's delve deeper into what make our shop tick - our extraordinary crew. Check out our alter egos and passions that enable us to bring our best to you everyday.

Paul - "Jefe"

Paul has lived and breathed bikes from the cradle. His passion for the Grateful Dead and bikes sets the energetic tone for everything we do.

Paul with his Family

Jim "Lampy"

Jim is our inventory specialist (one might even say manager.) Jim's attention to detail and seemingly endless knowledge keeps our shop fully stocked and running smoothly.

Phil "Skinny"

Phil keeps our service department on track with his exceptional organizational skills and mastery of excel spreadsheets. A menace on the race course and a dog lover, he brings balance and clarity to all things repair.

Zak - "Magnum"

Zak loves to sell things and ride bikes. He manages the sales floor with passion and excitement. Fun loving and adventurous, Zak branches out to Motocross racing when he's not out riding his mountain or road bikes. 

Tyler "MiniMagnum"

Tyler, an outdoor enthusiast and ESF graduate, continues to find his passion for the outdoors on his mountain bike as much as humanly possible (and then some.) When not shredding the trails, his knowledge and commitment to our sales floor is beyond measure.

Kevin "KP"

KP is a nerf gun modification expert. He uses those mechanic skills on bikes too. BMX bikes are Kevin's forte - his bunny hops are other worldly. Kevin is a true asset to our service center with years of experience and dedication that is top notch. 

Zach - "New Zach"

Zach is a Renaissance man with a superpower of versatility. An artist by trade, he specialty is glass blowing. His artwork is beautiful and creative. When at SB he can be found on the salesfloor, in the service area, or pretty much anywhere doing what needs to be done. 

Matt "Speirsie"

Friendly and compassionate, Matt is ready to get you back up and rolling. His experience repairing with helicopters  for the US Military certainly enhances his skill set for repairing your bike. 

Chris "Gailor"

Chris loves bike - wait what? Yup, it's true. His passion is downhill. When not tuning, trueing, or testing your bikes, he's hitting it slope style. Chris' years of bicycle mechanic experience make him a perfect choice to get your rig up and running. 

Andrew - "D'Agati"

Andrew loves to tear it up on the cyclocross course and is a huge family man. Always happy to help you find that perfect ride - even if it's not for 'cross.

Mike "Ketchum"

Mike is a weekend warrior to the "Nth" degree. He loves to work, filling his days to the max. He "works and knows things about bikes."

Chris "Conklin"

Chris loves to surf. He often travels to fun destinations to test his surfing skills and see what local bike rides he can find when there. He is straight shooter that is always happy to help you find that perfect item on the sales floor. 

Drew - "Busa"

Did you see his Strava ride? You can bet it was a good one! Drew brings the energy and enthusiasm of youth to the service department and is no slouch on the sales floor. His intelligence and determination landed him in an exciting college program that he balances with his work at the shop, 

Brian "Hidy-Ho"

Brian is a gentle giant with great instructor skills. When not planning a gravel event or cyclocross racing, Brian can be found teaching our Bike 101 and Mechanic's classes. He even offers his vast knowledge on the sales floor is you're lucky enough to catch him there.

Bill "Golembieski"

Bill's attention can be laser focused. He often takes on repair or build projects that require extra time and care. He is a mad cyclist that tears it up on the road and in the woods. 

Mia - "Mia"

Mia is sweetness embodied. Her organizational skills and sense of fun power most of our events and programs.  

Tim "River"

River is like, well, a river - boundless energy. We can find Tim on a bike most anywhere anytime. He coordinates many of our races and events.

Kim "Bike Shop Mom"

Kim, what can one say to capture, the man, the myth, the legend? Just kidding, Kim likes dad jokes, a lot. Sorry. When not working the sales floor or helping with events, she enjoys her dogs and mountain bikes.